BigVesta (2003),
BigVesta has a much bigger x-height or shorter ascenders and descenders than Vesta.
• Top line left: Vesta, right: BigVesta.

The letterforms of BigVesta are much more open than those of many other sanserifs, especially Helvetica's.
• Middle line left: Vesta, right: Helvetica.

The letterforms of BigVesta can be easily condensed without distortions, thus making the number of variations much larger than the standard fourteen.
• Bottom line left: Vesta bold 100%, middle: condensed to 90%, right: 85%.

BigVesta light, light italic
BigVesta regular, regular italic
BigVesta medium, medium italic
BigVesta semi bold, semi bold italic
BigVesta bold, bold italic
BigVesta extra bold, extra bold italic
BigVesta black, black italic

BigVesta (2003) can act in headlines with Gulliver, Capitolium or Coranto for the text. BigVesta is a strong contender for magazines and newspapers and will perform well in corporate identities.

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