In collaboration with the firm of Claus Koch of Düsseldorf, Gerard Unger has designed a new family of typefaces for Allianz, one of the world's leading providers of insurance and financial services.
         There are twelve members in the family, six with and six without serifs: light, regular and bold, roman and italic, all closely related and all carefully matched.
         The new range of faces can tackle all Allianz's typographical tasks. They display a quiet authority and offer readers an accessible, inviting and clear aspect. They can be mixed in a multitude of ways but are also well adapted for use on their own, whether in small sizes for long texts, large for advertisement headlines, or extra large for billboards.
         The letterforms are fairly narrow (without being conspicuously so), making large paper savings possible. This property, combined with the new faces' high legibility, can also be exploited to display large quantities of text on computer screens without sacrificing comfortable reading.
         The typefaces were designed in collaboration with Veronika Burian, London, and were produced as fonts by Visualogik, 's-Hertogenbosch