Capitolium light, Capitolium light osf
Capitolium regular, Capitolium regular osf
Capitolium italic, Capitolium italic osf
Capitolium bold, Capitolium bold osf

Capitolium (1998), designed for Rome and the jubilee of the Roman Catholic Church in 2000, carries the city’s two-thousand-year-old tradition of public lettering into the twenty-first century. The concept of Capitolium is based in part on the work of the Italian calligrapher Cresci, who in the sixteenth century adapted the lettering used by the ancient Romans to his own time. The same method was used to adapt the Roman heritage to modern ways of reading and reproducing text on both paper and electronic displays, and for use in many different languages. Capitolium is not a revival: rather, it is a modern design based on tradition. As a result, it can be used for many purposes. Capitolium is soon to be extended with a bold italic and small capitals.

Postscript Type 1 for Mac and PC, TrueType for Mac and PC, OpenType
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