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Coranto Headline

Coranto (2000) was born of the wish to transfer elegance, refinement and vivacity to newsprint. Over the past twenty-five years the way newspapers are produced has seen spectacular advances in paper and print quality, the introduction of colour printing, and vastly better register. Today, a news face no longer has to survive use with cheap grey paper, thin ink and super-fast rotary presses while providing elementary legibility. Now there is room to create an ambience, to give a paper a clearer identity of its own and present a more open, friendly and lively face to its readers. Coranto is less extreme than Gulliver but still possesses many of its characteristics — including saving space and improving legibility. At the same time it is more delicate than either Swift or Gulliver and demands a higher standard of printing.

Postscript Type 1 for Mac and PC, TrueType for Mac and PC, OpenType
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