Gulliver regular, regular italic, regular sc+osf
Gulliver book, book italic, book sc+osf
Gulliver semi bold, semi bold italic, semi bold sc+osf
Gulliver bold, bold italic, bold sc+osf
Gulliver Compact reg., Compact reg. sc
Gulliver Compact book, Compact book sc
Gulliver Compact semi bold, Compact semi bold sc
Gulliver Compact bold, Compact bold sc
Eastern European fonts and similar fonts are available on request.

Gulliver is available exclusively to organisations and companies whose printing work will do justice to its space-saving capabilities. Minimum licence: 20 workstations.
To guarantee Gulliver’s exclusivity, no more than 100 licences will be issued worldwide. Licensees automatically become members of the Gulliver Club. For information about licences and prices contact Mr. Bavo van Rossum:

Gulliver (1993) grew out of experiments with legibility and space-saving. Its counters as large as possible, as is its x-height (as a result of which its ascenders and descenders are short). The effect is that Gulliver in 10-point looks much larger than a type like Times in the same size. To produce the same impression of size as 10-point Times, Gulliver needs only be printed in 8.5-point. With its short serifs (in which it is the opposite of Swift) the letters are close together, allowing the printer to save space on the page. This means that using Gulliver — which was designed first and foremost as a newsface — allows a printer either to place more text on the page or, alternatively, to use larger illustrations without having to sacrifice text. Gulliver is used not only for its good legibility and space-saving characteristics but also because it is liked by both older and younger readers (older readers say they can read the paper again, while younger readers say the paper looks modern).* There is also a special version for text in very small print such as classified advertisements, listings etc.: Gulliver Compact.

Postscript Type 1 for Mac and PC, TrueType for Mac and PC
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* USA Today, USA / Berlingske Tidende, Denmark