Vesta light, light italic
Vesta regular, regular italic
Vesta medium, medium italic
Vesta semi bold, semi bold italic
Vesta bold, bold italic
Vesta extra bold, extra bold italic
Vesta black, black italic

Vesta (2001) can be used alongside Gulliver, Capitolium or Coranto. It can act as a display face for use with Gulliver or Coranto but can also be used on its own, even in long texts. Sans serifs are still less welcome than seriffed types in the columns of newspapers and periodicals, and certainly in books, but Vesta removes many of the objections to sans serifs. It is narrower and more lively and is more economical than some commonly used sans serifs such as Arial and Helvetica, and there is a noticeable difference between thick and thin parts. This makes Vesta a strong contender for newspapers and magazines — and books. Vesta is to be extended with narrow versions, small capitals and old style numerals, along with some special versions for headlines.

Postscript Type 1 for Mac and PC, TrueType for Mac and PC, OpenType
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