Gerard Unger - All my type designs

Swift (1985 and 1995)
Many of my type designs have been the result of my own initiative,* particularly my newsfaces. The first of these was Swift, later produced by the Hell company. At the beginning of the eighties there were only a handful of types that were suitable for newsprint, and most newspapers were using either Times or Excelsior — both of which dated way back to 1932. At the same time, papers were less carefully produced than now. This is why Swift has such a robust appearance, large serifs and pronounced character: it is designed to be a survivor. Today, Swift is used more outside newspapers than in them, especially for corporate identities and as a text type for periodicals. The first Postscript Type 1 version of Swift is somewhat defective, so in the mid nineteen-nineties I gave it a thorough going-over, considerably expanded the family and relaunched it under my own steam.

* Typefaces designed to order: Markeur, M.O.L., Amerigo, Oranda, the type used by the ANWB for road signs, Capitolium.
Caflisch, M., ‘Swift, eine neue Zeitungsschrift’, in Typografische Monatsblätter 4, St. Gallen, 1987