Argo (1991)
Work began on Argo when I was still with Hell, but it was continued for URW* in Hamburg and eventually ended up with the Dutch Type Library. Argo is really the sans serif to go with Swift, and indeed it was created by taking Swift, removing the serifs, and then letting the letters go their own way. Whereas Helvetica (1957), Univers (1957) and Frutiger (1976) are all even and neutral, Argo is pronounced and contrasty. As a result, it is not used for applications like wayfinding (where neutrality is apparently a virtue), being seen instead mainly in house styles, periodicals and newspapers. Originally the scale from light to bold was the same as for Praxis, but DTL added a couple of very bold variants, as well as small capitals.

* The company for which Dr. Peter Karow worked and where he developed the Ikarus program (see note to Demos).