Decoder (1992)
When Fontshop asked me to work on the Fuse project set up by them and Neville Brody I immediately said yes — it was an opportunity to do something quite different from what I usually do. The theme was ‘Runes’, which I was allowed to interpret broadly. Few people can read runes: you know it’s writing, but you see it as arbitrary shapes and a pattern. If you take parts of letters, or even shapes that only look like parts of letters, and then try to make text out of them that will still be legible, then this is the kind of thing you get. I have used the kinds of shapes that go to make Decoder before, having once upon a time created them out of Amerigo letters. What I had actually wanted to do was get Fuse-lovers to make their own series of shapes, by analogy with Decoder, but as far as I know that never happened.