Capitolium News regular, italic
semi bold, semi bold italic
bold, bold italic
Capitolium News Headline light, regular, semi bold, bold

Capitolium News (2006) Capitolium was designed in 1998 at the request of the Agenzia romana per la preparatione del Giubileo for the Jubilee of the Roman Catholic Church in 2000. This type design was the central part of the project for a wayfinding and information system to guide pilgrims and tourists through Rome. Capitolium also continues Rome’s almost uninterrupted two-thousand-year-old tradition of public lettering . It is a modern typeface for the twenty-first century and strongly related to the traditions of Rome.
         Soon after the completion of this project I began contemplating the possibility of bringing the atmosphere of this design to newspapers. Though Capitolium works well in most modern production processes and also on screens, it is too fragile for newsprint. For newspapers sturdier shapes were required as well as more characters to a line of text, and Capitolium News has a bigger x-height than Capitolium. Capitolium News is a thoroughly modern newsface, with classic letterforms linked to a strong tradition.
         Capitolium News for running text comes in the variations regular, italic, semibold, semibold italic, bold and bold italic, and for headlines as light, regular, semibold and bold.

Of course the different varieties of the original Capitolium family can be combined with Capitolium News, for example for headlines on pages where other subjects than the news may require elegance or distinction. This is also an option in periodicals.

As is possible with most of my type designs, Capitolium News can be condensed and expanded without any harm to the letterforms.

The headline fonts of Capitolium News, light, regular, semibold and bold, can be combined with Gulliver for body text.

Capitolium News can be used in combination with BigVesta for text as well as for headlines.

Postscript Type 1 for Mac and PC, TrueType for Mac and PC, OpenType
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