Swift light, light italic, light sc+osf, light italic sc+osf
Swift regular, regular italic, regular sc+osf, regular italic sc+osf
Swift book, book italic, book sc+osf, book italic sc+osf
Swift bold, bold italic, bold sc+osf, bold italic sc+osf
Swift extra bold, extra bold italic, extra bold sc+osf, extra bold italic sc+osf
Swift bold cond., bold cond. italic, bold cond. sc+osf, bold cond. italic sc+osf

Swift (1985) has proved its worth in corporate identities, magazines and newspapers and occasionally in books — it is a versatile type and can be used in a wide range of circumstances. It is a striking type, with large serifs, large counters and letters that produce a particularly strong horizontal impression. This means that words and lines in Swift are easily distinguished, even where there are large spaces between words, as can occur in newsprint. Swift’s large, robust counters were designed to improve legibility particularly in newspapers. It was designed in the early eighties, when papers were less well printed than they are today, and its special features help it survive on grey, rough paper printed on fast rotary presses. Today it is used more often outside newspapers than in. The current Swift (1995) is an improved version with technical and aesthetic enhancements, and has been expanded into a family of twenty-four variants.

Postscript Type 1 for Mac and PC, TrueType for Mac and PC, OpenType
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